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True Albino Teacher OZ – Thrasher Microdoses Magic Mushrooms


True Albino Teacher, also known as TAT, is a type of psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom known for having all of the same qualities of the Golden Teacher strain but with a beautiful, all-white albino appearance. These beautiful mushroom spores create moderately-sized clusters, complete with milky white and long stems, as well as wide and flat white caps with blue-grey areas speckled throughout the body of the mushroom, as well as the gills. The spores of the True Albino Teacher have a somewhat transparent or colorless quality to them that distinguishes then from leucistic varieties of psychedelic mushrooms. At maturity, these mushrooms are known for looking more like white flowers rather than mushrooms.

Dosage Recommendations

  • Mild Psychedelic Experience: .2-.4 Grams
  • Medium Psychedelic Experience: .5-1 Grams
  • Intense Psychedelic Experience: 3-5 Grams

Lab Tested and Pure:

  • Free from impurities
  • Lab tested
  • Does not upset the stomach compared to eating raw mushrooms
  • Super Fast absorption, incredibly potent, super clean and amazing healing benefits

The True Albino Teacher variety is one of the most potent and spiritual strains out there. Even on a microdose level, daytrypper’s will notice intense body highs, beautiful visions and peaceful inner-talk. It’s one of our favorites for when we’re seeking more a psychedelic and spiritual journey with friends and family. The healing modalities of The TAT is numerous, with a lot of daytrypper’s using them to get off anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds and ADD medication.

DISCLAIMER: Please speak with your primary care doctor or psychiatrist before getting off ANY meds. We are not doctors.

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