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Liquid Sunshyne “Balanced” Medicinal Herbs Tincture


Daytyrpper’s new medicinal and mushroom formula in a tincture.

4-6 drops under tongue for spiritual enlightenment, creativity and productivity.

1 bottle contains 8 grams of liquid psilocybin, Golden Teacher Blend variety.

1 dropper full ~ .175 grams of psilocybin.

Ingredients include: Acadia resin, Reishi, Oil of Gold, Nutmeg, Ginger, Turmeric, Lotus, Kanna, Syrian Rue, Lemon Balm and Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Teacher Strain)

You must be 21 years of age or older to make a purchase from this website. All daytrypper plant medicine products are for healing purposes only.

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