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Albino Riptide Microdoses .3g


The Riptide mushroom spores strain of psilocybin spores is a hybrid of the True Albino Teacher and Tidal Wave strains. These are two of the most popular psilocybe cubensis spores, which give the Riptide spores unique characteristics. The Tidal Wave spores are fast-growing, easy fruiting mushrooms. They have brain-like structures and can grow quite large. They are rare and highly potent, so any mushroom strains developed from Tidal Wave inherit these qualities too. True Albino Teacher (TAT) makes the other half of the Riptide psilocybin mushroom spores. It is also a carefully cultivated, non-standard strain with caps and stems of ghostly white appearance.

Repeated use of small quantities of the psychedelic substance psilocybin (microdose) can improve mood and mental health, especially with the Albino Riptide strain

Researchers found that people who microdosed with the Riptide saw “medium-large sized” improvements in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress over a 30-day follow-up, compared to those who did not.

The Riptide is a favorite of the Daytrypper staff and grow team particularly for its anti depressant quality and ability to promote creativity, peace and happiness 🙂 Suggested Daytrypper protocol for the Riptide’s is 5 days on and 2 days off, 3 x a month. (so take a week off every month.)

also available in pure fruit: https://daytrypper.shop/product/albino-riptide-fruit-oz/

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